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Postal Services

Mail Processing

Route Schedules

Don’t miss the next pick up! Check out the current route schedule.

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Special Services

Postal Services offers several services designed to simplify and expedite the mailing process. Check out the services available today.

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Mail Class Definitions

View the definitions of mail classes, as provided by the United States Postal Services.

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Are you sending a pen, pin or coin? Make sure it goes through the USPS machines without damage.

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Envelopes – For Machine Insertion

Letter-sized Envelope Specifications:

  • Envelopes must be at least 0.5″ (13 mm) wider than the sum of the maximum width of the insert pack plus the thickness of the pack
  • Envelopes must be at least 0.25″ (6 mm) deeper than material to be inserted

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Mail Endorsements

Learn more about mail endorsements and first-class mail, including postcard paid at the card rate.

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Standard Class Mail

Get a better understanding of what “standard class mail” means and how it can help you better prepare your mailings.

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Bulk Mail

Learn more about the requirements and prerequisites for a bulk mailer before beginning. Be sure to contact Postal Services to learn more about services available.

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