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Glossary of Terms

Activity CodesSee Program Code below
AppropriationMoney set aside by formal action for a specific use.
Base BudgetFunding that generally continues on an annual basis.
BOR"Board of Regents", UW System governing entity, an 18-member board as established under Chapter 36 of the Wisconsin State Statutes. The Governor of Wisconsin appoints Board members to seven-year terms, except the two student regents who are appointed to two-year terms. The Board appoints the President of the UW System, the chancellors of the 13 universities, the chancellor of UW Extension and UW Colleges and the deans of the 13 colleges. All appointees serve at the pleasure of the Board. The Board also sets admission standards, reviews and approves university budgets and establishes the regulatory framework within which the individual unites operate.
CarryoverOne-time-only funding from the prior fiscal year, approved for use in the new fiscal year.
Classified employeeAn employee included in the classified service comprised of all positions not included in the unclassified service (see ss. 230.08(3) and 230.09(2)(a), Wis. Stats.).
DOA"Department of Administration", State of Wisconsin. Its primary function is to deliver a wide range of support services to other state agencies.
FTE"Full-Time Equivalent" position
GPR"General Purpose Revenue" - consists of general taxes, miscellaneous receipts and revenues collected by State agencies that are paid into a specific fund, lose their identity and are then available for appropriation by Legislature.
Personnel CheckbookThe spreadsheet listing each college's/unit's unclassified and classified FTE for a specified fiscal year by employee's name, FTE amount and salary amount.
PR"Program Revenue" - consists of revenues that are paid into the general fund and are credited by law to an appropriation to finance a specified program or State agency.
PRF"Program Revenue - Federal" - federal revenues are moneys received from the federal government that may be deposited as program revenues in the general fund OR as segregated revenues in the segregated fund.
Program Codes (formerly known as, Activity Codes)Codes used as the basis for assigning program costs in preparing the annual, operating budget.
PS-SFSPeopleSoft - Shared Financial System, the UWOSH accounting system
RedbookThe Redbook is the end product that publishes UWS annual, base operating budget details, base budget data having entered by each campus through the UWS base budget system.
SEG"Segregated Funds" - revenues that, by law, are deposited into funds other than the general fund and are available for the purposes for which such funds are created.
Unclassified employeeAll state officers elected by the people, officers and employees appointed by the governor, the faculty and academic staff in the University of Wisconsin System, most division administrator positions, and justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court (See s. 230.08(2) and (4), 230.148, 230.33, and 230.35, Wis. Stats.; Comp. Plan, Sec. B and C.).
WISDMUW System Wisconsin Date Mart for PeopleSoft Financials, an online tool used to monitor, track and report annual budgets, expenditures, salary and fringe benefit expenses, purchase orders, vouchers, vendors, journal entries, etc.